Super-Fit Mom Slammed For Using #Daughter To ‘Fat-Shame’ #Women

A super-fit mom in #England is coming under fire for “fat-shaming” other moms after she posted a #picture on #Instagram to showcase her six-pack with her #daughter by her side.

33-year-old Abby Pell, a weight-lifting mom from East #Sussex, claims she was only trying to encourage other post-#pregnancy# moms to #lose the #babyweight when she shared the picture of her posing with her daughter.

Underneath the photo, she wrote: “I have a kid, a six-pack and no excuse.”

But instead of support, Pell’s Instagram was soon flooded with comments from her followers, who branded her “shameless” for her hurtful caption.

One user wrote, “This is so demeaning – I bet she doesn’t have to work for a living.”

“This is fat shaming, pure and simple. Exploiting your #motherhood to show off is despicable and #shameless,” another follower added.

Although the photo was originally posted last February, it recently resurfaced after Pell placed fourth in a World #Beauty #Fitness & #Fashion bodybuilding competition.

According to the fitness fanatic, her goal has always been to show other #moms that they really can get fit after having a #baby.

After giving birth to her daughter #Bella, now 6-years-old, Pell admitted that she had a tough time losing her #pregnancy weight—until she started weight-lifting.

“The message I want to portray is for all the #women/#mums/#girl who aren’t #happy or confident with themselves and the reason they don’t try to do anything about it is because they think it’ll be too hard or even impossible to get results,” Pell wrote on #Facebook, in defense of her controversial photo.
Do you think Pell should be criticized for her message to other #moms? Tell us in the comments!

Seriously?  Embrace a fat-hater…not to demean others, but to encourage the doer.

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