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I’m thinking about fat. It’s only because I’ve decided to write a screenplay based on my book THE WEIGHT OF IT ALL…So I’m thinking about fat. It is nicknamed “the fat lady book” after all.

So I was thinking, in a real life situation where one person in a marriage puts on a huge amount of weight, is that enough of a reason for a divorce, an affair, alienation of affection? I’m talking about gaining a lot of weight, not ten or twenty pounds, but enough weight that the person could be considered obese, really, really obese.

Yeah, I know “for better or worse” but I really think that refers to things outside one’s control. Putting on a ton of weight seems like something a person could have at least a modicum of control over…

I know there are people who will think I’m out of line here, but I’m thinking that gaining a ton of weight is reason, maybe not for divorce, but certainly alienation of affection…Okay, wait, I take that back, maybe it is reason enough for a divorce.

If someone has such little regard for themselves and for their partner that they gain so much weight that their entire life style changes, well, I think that is a legitimate reason to end a marriage if the person is not willing to try and lose the weight.

I know people will think I’m shallow and cruel.

I think I’m honest.

Either way, I have a screenplay to write.