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The End

Writing “The End” always gives me a feeling of happiness coupled with a bit of sadness. I’m always happy to finish telling a story that I wanted to tell, and always a little sad to see that story end. I always know that there will be revisions, edits to make, and that even though I’ve come to “the end,” the end is still a ways away. Still, there is a mix of emotions when I get to the end of something. There is the question of will anyone like the story that I’ve chosen to tell? There is knowing that with reaching the end, there is the beginning of answering the question “Now what?” I’ve written quite a few things that have gone on to gather dust, to stay stored on my computer, to never be seen. Lately though, I have begun to explore the idea of publishing, of finding an audience. Lately, I’ve begun to stand up for my work, to get eyes on the work that I’ve done. I’m learning how to take criticism and enjoy compliments. I’m learning there are options and choices and decisions to be made. I’m learning that “The End” is really, just the beginning.