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My son is an almost famous hairdresser. He’s young, handsome, successful, and he rates way higher on Google than his dad or I do. I would expect nothing else, he’s extremely talented and personable and he has wonderful taste, and he’s smart, he’s only twenty-eight and the world holds huge possibilities for him. And he knows people.

I am not young, I am not almost famous and I don’t rate anywhere near where he does on any social media site. I am a fledging novelist, now that’s not to say that I’m not brilliant and talented, and it’s not to say that I am, but it is to say that I haven’t reached enough people to know.

People are the key to success when you put an eBook up on Amazon. You are at the mercy of the Amazon Gods and they only respond to those who have reviewers, lots of four and five star reviewers, like bringing a sacrificial lamb to the alter, or a virgin to be sacrificed, the Amazon Gods want reviews and lots of them and they can only come from readers, a hard enough feat to find in the vast over populated world of Amazon, readers who know nothing about you and have no idea if your novel is something they would like, unless you have reviews with shiny yellow stars, four and five shiny yellow stars and glowing words from happy readers, a perfect catch-twenty-two.

But there is my son, my son who knows people, famous people, rich people, people whose reviews would do me well, would be of such great help, but to get those people would mean asking my son to solicit them to buy my book, it would mean that I would have to use our mother son relationship to my advantage, it would mean a heavy dose of nepotism…

Maybe, maybe I will at some point ask him, maybe when I have a hard copy to give him, maybe on a day when Amazon offers my book for free, maybe in the future, but for now I won’t play that card, he knows about my work, he is aware of what I do, he has mentioned my novels to his friends and I think perhaps some of his clients, but I’m not going to push, not yet, not just yet. But maybe on day I will, because the Amazon Gods are hungry and so am I.

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