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Please…from Kathryn Rishoff to you…

So since unless you ask you don’t receive, I’m asking please for you and any friends – go to Amazon, spend the $0.99 on The Wrong Daughter by Kathryn Rishoff in the next 5 days, and click 4 or 5 stars as a review for my book.  You do not have to write anything.

Writing the books is the easy part – I don’t get writer’s block, and I have received good feedback from my readers.  So what’s the problem?  Getting reviews on Amazon.  No.  Really.

In a strange twist, not unlike those in my books, whether or not I receive promotions on other sites and venues is 99.9% dependent on the number of ratings on Amazon.  So please…please…

It’s a very easy read, and trust, EVERYONE knows one of these characters from the book.  Now that school is back in session, this is a great read for moms who have kids in any kind of extracurricular activity, especially those in entertainment.

The Wrong Daughter by Kathryn Rishoff

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