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I asked my husband to turn down the air conditioning, “You want it colder?”

He asked, and I told him no, that I wanted it warmer, so I wanted him to turn down the air, meaning less air, less cold, not more.

“But that doesn’t make sense. If you want it warmer, I would have to turn it up.”

 “No if you turn up the air conditioning you would make it colder, up means more, so more air, more cold.” I was making perfect sense to me.

“It doesn’t work like that.” My husband, a usually very smart man said, “If you want it colder I would dial down the thermostat and if you want it warmer I would dial the thermostat up.”

“Who said anything about the thermostat? I told you to turn down the air, and that means less, not more, so warmer not colder.” I was beginning to think he was a little dense.

“But that makes no sense at all.”

“It makes perfect sense to me.”

“Just tell me what you want.”

 “I want it warmer, so turn down the air.”


“Oh, do you want to go to the movies next Friday?” I asked changing the subject

“A week from Friday?”

“No this Friday, which is the next Friday, because there aren’t any Fridays before it, so it’s the next Friday.” I said in explanation.

“Just let me know when the Friday we’re going gets here.”

Funny, but he seemed so grumpy all of a sudden.

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