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Let’s trump Trump

I’m hoping, really hoping that the debate this evening exposes Trump for what he is. I could make a long list filled with adjectives of what he is, but anyone with half a brain knows what he is and what a complete dismal fail he would be if elected, no wait, it goes way beyond that, he would be dangerous, because he would have no idea how to be President. None.

That’s what people say they like about him “He’s not a politician.” Wow. So, let me get this straight, people like him because he’s not a politician. So, let’s apply that logic to say…plumbing! Next time a drain gets plugged, a pipe ruptures, your house needs new copper plumbing don’t hire a plumber. Or how about the next time you get sick, don’t see a doctor. If you need some legal documents, don’t see a lawyer, want to buy a house, forget about a realtor.

Trump has never, not once outlined any kind of economic plan, defense strategy, or domestic policy, because…he doesn’t have any idea what the Hell he’s doing. All he says is how he’s going to build a big beautiful wall and get rid of all the illegal immigrants, but he never says HOW he’s going to do any of it because he doesn’t have a clue. He has no idea how the political machine works. He’s not a politician.

He is a narcissist, an egomaniac, an arrogant blow-hard, who is vastly unqualified to be President. Let’s hope the debate show him for what he is, the poster child for, what sadly much of the world sees us as, the Ugly American.

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