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TREND- noun-style or vogue

So…I hear there’s a new trend going around. Women, and maybe men, I don’t know, but for sure women, deciding not to wear deodorant, and forget about shaving arm pit hair, apparently it’s cool to be furry there.

Are you f***ing kidding me? What, if anything is good about this? Imagine being at your favorite mall and no one has used deodorant, standing in line next to someone who came straight from the gym because the newest Adidas were on sale. Or how about being at the gym, one that isn’t air-conditioned, in an overcrowded step class and no one’s wearing deodorant. If you were at the Farmer’s Market trying to smell the fresh fruit and everyone around you wasn’t wearing deodorant, I’m pretty sure you would smell a lot more than just peaches. From what I’ve read people are “embracing their natural odor,” well, I gotta be honest, for most of us, our “natural odor” isn’t too pleasant, no one I know smells like a field of flowers, or vanilla, or fresh rain, or powder fresh, or squeaky clean, that is why deodorants come in a vast array of lovely scents, because people just naturally stink.

So if you’re thinking of jumping on this trend, think twice, or just stay home. Deodorant is a good thing, a really fine invention especially on a day like today when the thermometer is reaching past one hundred where I live.

And don’t even get me started on the trend of eschewing disposable diapers in favor of cloth….

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