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Salesman – noun. A man who sells services or goods.

I could never be salesman because of people like me. I would make me nuts. I went to a car dealership yesterday to buy a car. I had the exact car I wanted picked out: color, make model- it was a convertible. I wanted a convertible. I really did until I saw the hardtop and just how cute it was and then I got to thinking, how a convertible with my hair and my old lady skin wouldn’t be the best choice. The wind would just mess up my already crazy out of control hair, and the sun would just cause more damage to skin that should never see the light of day. And I’d owned a convertible. I rarely put the top down, summer days are too hot, and I could never put it down if there was a hint of humidity in the air…I needed perfect weather to lower my top and perfect days are few and far between even in sunny Southern California. And there was Oscar to consider, my Boxer who needs more room than the convertible offers. But I had really, really wanted a convertible and I’d pretty much told the salesman I was coming in to buy the convertible and so the poor guy was waiting for me like a dog waiting for a slab of meat, I honestly expected to see drool run down his chin. He’d pulled the car up front, with the top down and his smile was Vanna White worthy. He was certain of the sale, after all, I’d told the man I wanted the very car he had waiting for me and not to let anyone else buy it…

Except that I changed my mind. So I had him show him every conceivable car he had in the make and model I wanted. I had him drive the hard top right up next to the convertible for a side-by-side comparison. At one point he brought me the perfect car, it had every feature I wanted and was the color I wanted and it was perfect, except that it wasn’t, because it didn’t have heated seats. I have to have heated seats. I get cold very easily and heated seats are really quite nice. He was a bit put off; my having to have heated seats seemed to push him over the edge. “Not having heated seats is a deal breaker?” He sounded quite upset, frustrated even. He quickly bounced back and found another car with every single feature I wanted…except it wasn’t the right color. He presented it with a flourish, convinced I would be thrilled with his offer of a great deal, but as I said, it wasn’t the right color…

My husband remained strangely quiet during this whole exchange. I think he felt sorry for the man. And while there was a moment I considered his great deal offer, my wanting it all won out and we left. I wasted an hour of the poor man’s time, but I did come away knowing exactly what I wanted.

Today, I found the car at a dealership nearby, the perfect car with every feature I want. The salesman didn’t have to do a thing. I pointed and said, “I’ll take it.”

I’m sure he thought as I was leaving how he wished all customers were just like me.

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