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BLANK- adjective-, not filled in, not written or printed on

As a writer, yeah, I just called myself a writer, ten novels tucked away, one out in e-book, soon to be out in paperback, another coming shortly after, and one after that, so yeah, I guess that’s what I am-a writer, but as a writer there is nothing like a blank page staring you in the face.

A blank page holds so much promise and expectation, so much hope, so many possibilities…it’s a great thing a blank page, just waiting to have words put on it. Words strung together in a way to tell a story, something new and unique, something that is meaningful to the writer, and hopefully to those who will one day read it, or not, because there is nothing that says a “writer” has to write for anyone but themselves; there is no law that says what a writer writes has to be shared, but most writers want to share their work, want to have their stories read and liked. Oh definitely liked, no one wants their writing to be thought ill of, no one wants the bad review, the criticism that comes with writing. A writer like any artist has to accept criticism just as much as praise, dislike as much as like, it is the nature of doing something that is subjective-there are people who loved, absolutely loved, Fifty Shades of Grey…

But it is that first page, the beginning of a project that excites me, almost as much as the words “THE END.” That blank page is the beginning of a journey, of a process, of telling a story. There are some who would say you need to know who your audience is, I would tell you it is more important to know why you want to tell the story you are choosing to tell. You have to love your story, believe in it; occasionally you might be wrong, falling in love with the wrong story, a bad story, and in the end have to give it up, like a brokenhearted school girl relinquishing her first crush. “THE END” simply means the story is told and ready to be reviewed, by the author, by others, it is too, a beginning-the beginning of finding out if the story is something people will want to read, or if it is an ill-fated love, to be cast aside.

Some writers outline every detail before writing, before facing that blank page, their research done, their story ready to be told, everything outlined in perfect order, and then there are those who have an idea, a story running rampant, insisting to be told, but the details are not quite there, the twists and turns not all realized, either way that blank page is something inviting, beckoning, waiting, something wonderful to be filled with words.

Nothing seduces a writer more than a blank page.

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