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DESPERATE- adjective- having an urgent need, desire, etc


Ted, Ted, Ted, he seems so desperate. Why else would he now, after being positively spanked by Donald Trump in yesterday’s primaries, name Carly Fiorina as his running mate?  It’s clearly an act of desperation, and being desperate, well, it’s not pretty. No one wants to witness someone clawing, begging, pleading for support, reaching for something with bloodied fingernails, scratching their way to something out of reach…it’s sad. Ted Cruz can’t possibly think he’ll get the nomination, can he? It’s mathematically impossible. If he’s betting on a brokered convention, well he still most likely, I’d bet on it, guarantee, he won’t get the nomination…

So what’s the point of bringing the evil witch on board? She’s scary, but then, so is Ted, so I guess it makes sense. The two of them together are the Tea Party’s wet dream, but for the rest of us, not so much. Oh sure, the hardcore right wing nut jobs will keep supporting Ted, maybe with even more vigor now because he’s named Carly as his running mate.

Whatever happened to losing gracefully? Ted keeps saying how he’s going to get the nomination, how he’s about, “reigniting the promise of America”, and I have to wonder what his idea of promises for America include? So far, I know he wants to control women’s bodies, deny transgender people the use of restrooms that align with their gender identification, restrict gun control, deny a fair minimum wage, ignore LGBT rights, build a wall “that works” (Guess Donald’s wall wouldn’t work?) deport all illegals, investigate “on day one” Planned Parenthood, and instill the “Cruz Simple Flat Tax.” (Rich people just love that one!) He began his victory speech after his win in Iowa with “To God be the glory.” Wow, that really sounds like someone who understands the separation of church and state. Not.

The sooner he’s gone the better. He’s a scary man. He’s a loser, he’s losing and he needs to wake up and smell the caucuses.  For the matter, as much as I love the man, Bernie needs to let go and step aside; Hillary is going to be the Democratic Party’s nominee (Like duh). Bernie put up a good fight and said a lot of good things, injected a lot of food for thought for Hillary’s camp to consider, but it’s over. Numbers don’t lie. There is a time to recognize the other team has won and step aside gracefully.

For Ted and even Bernie, that time is now.

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