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LOSER- noun- a person, team, nation, etc., that loses

Poor Ted, he must have seen the writing on the wall. Why else would he go off on such a grand diatribe against The Donald on the same day as the Indiana primaries, which would determine his fate? He must have had an inkling that things were not going to go as planned…He needed Indiana, he really did, but I guess Indiana decided they didn’t need him. He was vicious in his attack, calling Trump a narcissist, and I got to say, he was right about that, Trump is quite fond of himself; he likes himself more than anyone else likes him. I don’t think his wife or kids could possibly like him as much as he likes himself. Someone should ask them, see what they say, just ask, if he were suddenly dirt poor if they’d want to hang around him, be part of his team? I gotta think the answer would be “no.” I would imagine having a lot of money is one of Donald’s strongest selling points…But anyway, I’m off track, I was talking about Cruz, the loser Cruz, who went on a verbal assault trying desperately to sway voters his way, keep them from the dark side. (Personally I think Cruz IS the dark side; the man positively frightens me to death.) He did point out some things about Trump which were most likely true, the man just might be a pathological liar, or maybe he’s not as bright as people seem to think he is, and just says stuff to hear himself talk, back to the whole narcissist thing. But here’s the thing Ted- too little, too late. You tried playing nice for too long and it came back to bite you in your right wing, evangelical, uptight, prejudiced ass. -I’m still reeling about Ted’s comments about the possibility of transgender people molesting his kids in bathrooms. News flash, people just want to pee in peace in a bathroom that aligns with their gender identification. I couldn’t be happier to see his face gone from this circus. It is a circus, an embarrassing one. This election is going to go down in history as one of the most bizarre, odd, weird ass elections ever. The world is watching, and they’re laughing; be sure of it.

I’m kind of happy Bernie won Indiana. I know he can’t get the nomination, but I like the idea that Hillary is seeing how many Democrats want the honesty and goodness that Bernie portrays. Hillary just comes across as another politician saying whatever it is she can to win the nomination. I get it, and no matter what, I like anything the Democratic party has to say over the Republican party, I just wish Hillary were a little less…a politician, but I guess if you’re running for President you have to play the game.

The game between The Donald and Hillary is going to be full contact, gloves off and no holds barred, and everyone will be watching.


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