Home » blog » INSULT-verb- to treat or speak to insolently or with contemptuous rudeness; affront.

INSULT-verb- to treat or speak to insolently or with contemptuous rudeness; affront.

I find some of the things we say to one another that are meant as insults, interesting. For example, if you say “fuck you” to someone it is most always said in anger, as an insult, basically telling the person to go to hell (“Go to hell” I understand, makes perfect sense said in anger) but if you stop to think about it, telling someone “fuck you,” is saying “have sex” and how is that an insult? Isn’t sex with the right person a good thing? So, as adults, if we assume sex is good, something a lot of people like and desire, and we go out of our way to have, plan dates, buy presents, go out for a nice meal at a nice restaurant, get someone tipsy, all with the intention, the goal, of having sex, how is it then that “fuck you” is an insult, something said in anger?

What about “You’re a dick.” Again, something said in anger to mean someone is a jerk, a moron, an idiot, basically not a good guy; but a “dick” is just a penis, and a penis is just a body part…and why should a body part be made an insult? “Dick” isn’t alone. “Boob” is meant as an insult, again said to mean someone is an idiot, a fool, a moron, but really a boob is nothing more than a breast, and women’s breasts are quite popular with adults and babies, so why is being a “boob” a bad thing? Then there’s “pussy,” meant to insult someone for being a coward, a wimp, a weakling, but in reality, pussies are tough, I mean a pussy can take a lot of abuse and it’s tough, really tough, way tougher than a dick; those things are quite sensitive – can’t give one of them a good kick, and don’t let them get cold, they just shrivel up to nothing, but a pussy can withstand all manner of abuse and keep on keeping on, so why is “pussy” an insult? Then there’s the flip side. “Having balls,” is meant as a compliment, meaning someone is tough and fearless, when in reality we all know balls are extremely sensitive. If you give someone a kick in the balls you can bring them to their knees and reduce them to tears, so how is it “you’ve got balls,” means you’re tough?  The poor penis. “Dick” isn’t the only insult in its honor, “prick” is used to describe a real jerk, an asshole-there’s another one! Why is an “asshole” an asshole? I mean, what did the anus do to deserve being labeled a truly unlikeable person?  The vagina is also given a truly ugly moniker in the “C” word- I can’t even say it, it’s so reprehensible…

I don’t understand why a “bitch” is a mean, spiteful, woman but a “stud” is a virile man- wait, that one kind of makes sense… Telling someone they are “lame,” well that makes some sense too, being lame is incapacitating, so I can understand that one. I guess I get “cold” meaning, well “cold” and “hot” to mean, well…does it really make sense to say someone’s “hot”? I mean being overheated isn’t a good thing, and I sweat when I’m hot; it’s not cute, so why is “hot” meant as a compliment?

“Whatever!” Now, that I understand.

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