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INCOMPETENT- adjective- not competent, lacking qualification or ability

I belong to a nice little neighborhood gym. It’s not open all hours, doesn’t have child care, I wouldn’t dare think to use one of their yoga mats (I’ve never seen them cleaned) but for the money it’s a good value. The place has a number of interesting characters – a reality show should be created based on some of them.

I did belong to a big, fancy, high-tech gym, a place that had scented chilled towels and offered a massage after a workout, but it cost a small fortune and I decided I could make do with just my neighborhood gym, a quick five-minute drive away, so I gave up the big expensive gym, and the people-watching that was a bonus – the amount of Botox and Silicone was amazing -truly amazing, but that’s not to say my little gym doesn’t have it’s fair share. (There are two women I like to refer to as “boobs-one” and “boobs-two,” both are incredibly, unbelievably thin, with the biggest, hugest, most enormous fake boobs I have ever seen -truly porn star worthy. I want them to do a “boob-off” a contest of who has the bigger ones because from a glance it’s hard to tell…I’m getting off track, but you have to believe me when I say, they are something, those two.

So, my little neighborhood gym recently changed owners, and the new owners have promised all kinds of improvements. They have a new logo; I kind of like the old one better. They did buy all new, used machines and equipment, taking advantage of a gym that went out of business. They have a new website and new web address – I guess they were too cheap to buy the old one from the previous owners? Or maybe they thought sticking a period in the middle of the name of the gym would be a stellar idea, and everyone would know to use that web address, never mind that the old one is still active and that’s the one everyone knows and goes to, which brings me to my gripe.

If you list a class, you should have the class. You shouldn’t tell people when they show up for class, “oh sorry, there’s no class, it’s on the website.” No one looks at the website of a gym before heading there to check whether there is going to be a class that is a regularly scheduled, class that’s been held forever at the same time. I mean why would you? If there’s a class listed, and it is on the schedule week in and week out, why would one think there isn’t class?

How hard would it be to put up a little sign letting people know the regularly scheduled class is not going to be held for two weeks because the instructor is out of town – and why not find a substitute? Why cancel class when your members want the class, expect the class, show up for the damn class…why, if you know the regular instructor is going to be out of town, why not find a replacement? It’s not that hard. It’s not.

I don’t understand how the owners expect to build a clientele if they can’t keep the old members happy.  And brushing off complaints with “check the website,” is beyond irritating and annoying. I know I’m not the only disgruntled member; there are quite a few of us who rely on the classes and expect them to be held, unless of course there is a little sign at the front desk letting us know our class has been cancelled, then we grumble and change our plans, but at least we’re informed. How in hell are we expected to go to a website that most of us don’t even know exists, because the old website is still active, and why would you go to a website anyway when all you’re doing is going to your regularly scheduled class?

This all leads to anger management. I think I might be in need of some help with that. Anyone know of a website to get me there?

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