Home » blog » DOUBT- noun- a feeling of uncertainty about the truth, reality or nature of something.

DOUBT- noun- a feeling of uncertainty about the truth, reality or nature of something.


Doubt is a double-edged sword; on one hand it can save you from making decisions best not made. Doubt can keep you from being sucked into the infomercial’s promises and dial that number for the special offer available only for the next fifteen minutes, and if you’re one of the first one hundred callers you will receive a bonus prize valued at $49.99, and as tempting an offer it is, doubt keeps you from calling and placing that order for something you later realize you neither want or need. (Now, I must say, I did order the crepe-erasing cream after Jane Seymour and Dorothy Hamill said it works, I mean we are talking about Jane Seymour, British actress (Brits don’t lie) and Dorothy Hamill, Olympic star and sweetheart, and little Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie, whose name I forget, also claimed that it works, so come on, how can I doubt those three? Right? Doubt can keep us from rash decisions, from unsafe situations, doubt can temper lust, cool passion, and give us a chance to think and evaluate a situation- doubt can be a good thing.

But then there is the doubt that robs us of confidence that eats at our soul that makes us suspicious and fearful. Doubt in ourselves, in our ability to succeed, and pursue our goals is ugly and dangerous. Doubt in ourselves, in our abilities, our looks, our choices and decisions can cripple us, can make us too fearful to attempt to follow our passions, attempt new things, branch out, explore and make the most of life. Doubt can be a very cruel thing.

Doubt in the people we trust and love is the hardest to deal with. For whatever reason doubt may creep its way into our hearts, and make us look at someone we care about with suspicion is sad.  If the doubt is unwarranted, brought on by the silliest or trivial of things, or by an imagination running wild without cause, or substance, nothing to back it up, doubt can create a rift, a loss of trust and caring from the person we doubt, and damage a relationship beyond repair.

Then there is the doubt that is brought on by words and actions that are real, that when looked at with a detached calmness, a rational reasonable mind, doubt that never would have existed if not for things said and done, that when viewed clearly there can be no other thing to be felt, well that is the kind of doubt that leaves us with the question whether to confront the person, or leave it alone, pretend the doubt doesn’t exist, and hope beyond hope the person will allay our doubt with honesty and ask to be forgiven, or simply accepted, confront our doubts and lay them to rest.

I have no doubt my cream will work. Maybe I have a little bit of doubt, perhaps a tad of skepticism, enough to make certain there was a 100%, no questions asked, sixty day money back guarantee before I ordered, because sometimes, a little doubt is a good thing.

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