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GREAT- adjective- wonderful, first rate, very good

So Donald Trump wants to make America great again? I guess that implies America isn’t so great now? I don’t know, I think America’s pretty great, but I’m not one of those cheerleader types, jumping up and down and cheering on America, cheering how it’s the greatest country in the world and everyone better look at us like we are. I’m not a crazed flag-waving America fan who disdains the rest of the world and thinks we’re better than everyone else. A lot of Americans do think they’re better than everyone else. How else do you think we have the reputation as the Ugly American? We’re inconsiderate bozos so much of the time when we travel outside our bubble of American idealism. Too many people don’t seem to get it, we’re pretty much the new kids on the block, there’s a lot of history that came before us, and if we were smart we would start thinking globally. It grates my nerves when I hear some moron spout how we should think of America and not think globally, I mean come on people, wake up! We’re all connected in this day and age- we have to think beyond our borders.

But back to Trump, and his, making America great again. So, what’s he looking for? When was America great in his narcissist mind? Does he hold a penchant for the good old day of segregation? It wasn’t until 1955 that the Supreme Court said segregated education should end, never mind that ten years later 75% of schools were still segregated. Does Trump long for the days when women couldn’t vote? That right wasn’t ours until 1920. Does he long for the ghettos of discrimination that were created in the first half of the nineteenth century? Maybe Trump thought America was great when black baseball players had their own league? It wasn’t until 1947 that Jackie Robinson broke that racial barrier. So was America great when Matthew Shepard was beaten and tortured and left to die, gays having little or no protection under the law? It was just last June the Supreme Court gave gays the right to marry, and yet Kim Davis became something of a hero for the religious right when she refused to give out marriage licenses to gay couples, and that was in September 2015. When exactly was America so great that we need to get back to that greatness?

America like every other country in the world is flawed. Yeah, I think it’s the best country to live in, we have wonderful freedoms many don’t, our country is rich in natural resources and we have wonderful diversity of nationalities.  Our government was formed by, and for the people, and is the gold standard of a democracy, but that doesn’t give us the right to think of ourselves as superior, as the big daddy, top dog, best of the best, because that’s the attitude of a bully, and America shouldn’t be a bully, or led by one, and if Donald Trump isn’t a bully, well then I don’t know who is.


Is the Donald aware that job growth in our country grew the most under President Clinton? There was an average of 242,000 monthly job gains during his eight years as President. Does he know four out of five Presidents that saw the greatest gains in jobs were democrats? (Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton). I would guess not, and he probably doesn’t care, maybe jobs and the economy aren’t as important as building that damn wall of his. Is that what he means by make America great again, go back to a time before immigration? I’m pretty sure America was built on immigration, and while illegal immigration is a valid issue, his statements regarding Mexicans and Muslims have been tantamount to hate speak.


From what I can see, Donald Trump has done anything but make America great during his campaign. He has managed to bring out racism, and white supremacy, he has managed to alienate an entire religion, demean an entire race of people, incite violence, encourage bigotry and hatred, demean women, and create a spirit of distrust and fear.


I think America will be great again when Donald Trump is out of the political picture and someone with the experience and knowledge of what it takes to be commander in chief is in office, and then maybe we can see about making this world of ours great.



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