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VILE- adjective- wretchedly bad, highly offensive, repulsive

No one can stop talking about Donald Trump. He is at the tip of everyone’s tongue. I guess it’s no surprise, he has said and done some things that are worthy of discussion. He is anything but subdued or bashful.  There are people who really like the guy as a candidate for President…I mean, I understand how someone might see him as entertaining on a reality show where he can showcase his enormous ego, it’s entertaining to watch a character who is bigger than life and believes his own bullshit. But the notion that anyone with half a brain could support him for President…well it is mind boggling. Completely, utterly mindboggling. I simply don’t understand it.

Maybe, because I have a daughter, and having a daughter means it’s my job to keep her safe from abuse, it strikes a chord. Donald Trump is abusive to women. We’ve heard the tape, his idea of locker room humor, his carefree unabashed banter about grabbing a woman’s crotch because, well, when you’re a celebrity, you can do anything! Women will just let you do anything!  Obviously, he has a great deal of respect for women, it just oozes from him…that tape certainly would have you think so, right?

The Donald respects women? How? How has he ever shown respect for a woman? If you’re willing to ignore it, brush it off as locker room talk, justify it by saying, he didn’t know he was being recorded, he would never ever say such a thing if he knew he was being recorded…

But he did know he was being broadcast to millions of listeners when he was on The Howard Stern Show. He knew exactly what he was saying when he was talking about his daughter’s body, how he’d helped create her, how she is a “ten” how he’d date her, if, you know, he wasn’t her father…

Are you kidding me? Who says this kind of shit? I’m serious. Who says things about their own daughter like that? It’s downright creepy. I could go on and on quoting the things he’s said- we’ve all heard them by now, so why bother? But what I am curious about, what really troubles me, are the people who support him, who don’t care about the things he says. The people who don’t care that he calls women “pigs” and “disgusting” and scores them from a one to ten. How can he have even one woman support him?

I have to believe there is something wrong with a woman who can overlook the vile things he’s said and say she supports him on the basis of his business acumen. You can’t just overlook and dismiss the things he’s said.  Words matter. What people say, matters!  You can’t just overlook the words that flow from his mouth, over and over again, words that denigrate, dismiss, belittle and demean, words that should be paid attention to, seen for what they are, words that should scare us all. Donald Trump scares me with his words, because I have a daughter, and it is my job to keep her safe from men like Donald Trump.



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